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A warm welcome to all regular listeners, and greetings to anyone new. It’s time for another PC Invasion Podcast, live from the wasteland bunker. Just two broadcasters this week, myself and Tim McDonald. Paul is a bit too busy trying to keep fluids in his body.

You can download or stream Podcast Episode 23 just below these words. Older episodes are located in the archives.


This week, we get into the Payday 2 labour dispute between Overkill and the Steam moderating team. The latter being on strike until the former explain why they keep pissing off the player base with new microtransactions. Then we turn our attention to metacritic user reviews, and whether the ‘weaponisation’ of this system is doing much for nuanced discourse. Fallout 4 gets a few mentions here, obviously.

Since Fallout 4 is mentioned, the Gamebryo/Creation Engine gets a bit of discussion too – by way of Obsidian’s Feargus Urquhart talking about it this week. He did this in the same interview where Obsidian’s ‘Project North Carolina’ was revealed to be somewhat back from the dead.

We then talk about the Star Wars: Battlefront embargo for a bit, and sort of break one for Hard West by discussing it early (except not really, because it’ll be fine by the time you’re listening to this). Tim details some adventures with the Steam controller, and teases some possible Football Manager madness.

Hear it all, it Episode 23. Oh, and there’s also some sacrilegious discussion of Chris Avellone in there, somewhere.

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