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Just in time for Thanksgiving (if you’re American, or care), it’s the PC Invasion Podcast. The one time of year where recording a turkey is seasonally appropriate. Just Tim and I this week, but we’ve got lots of games to discuss. I’ll summarise which games below the download widget which is coming up …. now.

Oh, you can also grab older episodes of the podcast from our archives. Okay, here’s the streaming/downloading thing.


This week, Tim blindsides the Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate discussion with enthusiasm for new Netflix series Jessica Jones (we’re not sponsored by them, Tim just really liked it). After that though, we do get to Syndicate. Is it any good? Does it have new stuff? Is it quite broken at launch like Unity?

All of those questions (and more) are answered in the pod.

Then it’s Tim’s turn to talk about Star Wars: Battlefront; whether there are more modes like the ‘Walker Assault’ demoed in the beta, how Star Wars-ey it is, why the Emperor sounds like his gran, and so on. He played Overwatch too, so there’s a brief overview of that game too.

Plus, a surprise winner for ‘most interesting game of the week’ (considering the big-budget competitors) in the form of Thea: The Awakening. Apparently a bit of a King of Dragon Pass meets 4x title. And then a half-mention of some of the Steam and GOG sales.

A feast of a podcast, and no mistake.

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