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Welcome to Episode 26 of the PC Invasion Podcast. AKA Paul’s Return. AKA The one where we talk about The Game Awards and stuff. Yes, we’re back up to three whole people for this broadcast.

Grab (or stream) the latest episode right below these words, and head over to the archives if you’d like to listen to older podcast episodes for some deeply strange personal reason.


This week, there’s the unexpected (but exciting) news of a System Shock 3 teaser-announcement to deal with. Otherside Entertainment (comprised of several former Looking Glass Studios personnel) are involved, though it’s not yet clear whether this game will go the Kickstarter route (like Underworld: Ascendant) or if it already has some kind of external funding. Maybe from Night Dive, who now own the rights.

Unanswered questions aplenty there, and it’s not the only surprise sequel revealed in the past few days. Last week, Psychonauts 2 showed up at The Game Awards; this one will be a (partially) crowdfunded effort.

Speaking of The Game Awards, there’s a bit of discussion about that too. The nominees (some of which were quite odd), the weirdness of using marketing announcements as a hook for an awards show, and more.

After that we move on to the list of maybe-possibly upcoming Steam games that appeared courtesy of some light datamining. Is it legit? Well … that’s a complicated question. “Probably”, for the most part.

Game-wise, Paul has found shock enjoyment with Hi-Rez MOBA Paladins, while I’ve been battering hordes of slimes into submission with Dragon Quest Heroes. Tim’s been on more Thea: The Awakening, and also somehow roped me into playing Heroes of the Storm.

Plus the usual podcast bad jokes and all that business.

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