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Gather back around your wireless (sorry … your radio … wait, sorry, your mp3 speakers) for another PC Invasion Podcast. A few audio problems early on in this one, but things improve after the fourth minute or so. I’m sure you can all stick it out.

Stream or download the 32nd episode below, or dip into some archives.


This week, we ask you nicely to fill in our reader survey. It’ll really help us get an idea of what all you lovely listeners want out of the site, so please do that.

Then there’s the usual collection of PC game news discussion, including the unceremonious ditching of Mortal Kombat X on our platform, promises by Ubisoft that The Division will be super-great on PC, and word that XCOM 2 will have some mods at launch. Plus a bit more rumour-mongering about Hitman and Square Enix.

In the ever-busy world of games we’ve played, Paul has actually bled for EVE Valkyrie (mostly thanks to a snug Oculus DK2), while Tim and I have both been looking at Torment: Tides of Numenera. There’s a preview of that over here, if you’re keen for more details.


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