PC Invasion Podcast #43

PC Invasion Podcast #43

PC Invasion Podcast 43 is here to answer that generation-defining question “what did the participants think of Tiny Toon Adventures?” And, I suppose, a few things about PC games as well.

PC games like … Granny’s Garden. Which, well, is technically a PC game since it was released on a “personal computer” (and has a contemporary remake), but isn’t, perhaps, what people think of as PC gaming. Here is the Granny’s image we refer to during the podcast, by the way.

In more up-to-the-minute news, we talk about the lawsuit brought against Rockstar by Leslie “The Benz” Benzies, and discuss some of the extremely weird crash bugs Dark Souls 3 has inflicted on certain players. There’s also as much dissection as we can muster for the Titanfall 2 teaser trailer, plus hopeful expectations for Attack on Titan as well. VR gets a mention somewhere along the way, too.

Amongst the games, there’s (yes) more Dark Souls 3. No spoilers though. Paul’s weekly Paragon update. And thoughts on Epistory and Zombasite. That’s all in the latest podcast, which can be streamed or downloaded below.


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