PC Invasion Podcast #51

PC Invasion Podcast #51

Back after a week’s hiatus, it’s the PC Invasion Podcast. Since we missed commenting on it at the time, most of the early chat between myself and Tim is about FTC rulings, CS:GO gambling scandals, and YouTube non-disclosure. Shut up, it’s fascinating! All the kids love Federal Trade Commission guidelines.

After that we talk about lots of games. So many games in fact that I may forget to mention them all here. I know for a fact that we talk about Inside (in a non-spoiler way), Furi, Rimworld, Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII, Evolve, Black Ops 3, and Pillars of Eternity. Just assume we talked about a couple of other things that I’ve since forgotten. We also talk about Robin Hood quite a bit.

Listen to all of that latest podcast goodness, below (either by downloading or streaming). Older podcast episodes can be found in the archives and (mostly) contain 92% fewer FTC discussions.

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  • Railbydefault

    Any podcast with a Hitman Absolution dig is a good podcast.

    • rochyroch

      haven’t listened yet, but any podcast that mentions Rimworld is a good podcast. 🙂

  • Teddy

    Glad it came back, was worried that with the removal of the podcast tab on your menu bar you stopped doing the podcast.

    • It’s still there under Sections, if you want to get to it that way. Just some slimming/trimming down of the menu bar, I think (Articles, Interviews etc are under there too).

      Podcasts might be a bit more infrequent for the near future (Paul’s very busy, Tim’s got stuff going on, I’m not planning on doing a monologue pod), but we’ll try not to let it go TOO long without one!

  • Alexander

    So can we get Peter and the kitten video?

    • Anbear

      I get that the dog is supposed to make the guy look more sympathetic, but in this case I’m not sure what is worse.
      “Dr Evil” petting his cat, or holding the cat pinned down for the duration of the video.

      Either way I would like to see the video, but make it general so you can keep it handy for whatever situation – “what should never happen, happened. we take full(no) responsibility…”

      • I need to check with Tim how many requests constitutes enough to make this happen (I think we only settled on “more than one” so …) I do like the idea of it standing in as a general purpose apology for absolutely anything.