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No, we didn’t die. It was just November and there were lots of games out. The PC Invasion Podcast is back! Again! Paul is here, again! But only for about 15 minutes due to technical difficulties. Sorry, everyone. I’ve tried to edit things smoothly.

But enough about our problems, what’s on the show this week? Well, a fair bit of poking at the Game Awards 2016, and many congratulations to the happy couple Geoff Keighley and Hideo Kojima. Speaking of Kojima, we also talk a bit about the Death Stranding trailer even though it’s not announced for the PC (yet?)

After that though, it’s all PC all of the time. Dishonored 2’s PC port (and the game) comes under scrutiny. Although mostly from Tim, since I’ve only played the first level. But damn, I’ve played that first level a lot. We also talk Tyranny, Obsidian’s recent RPG outing.

Besides those two things, Tim’s been playing Watch Dogs 2 (dogs confirmed), and I’ve been looking at the Darksiders Warmastered Edition which, happily, is in a better state after a patch or two.

Listen to that (or download it) below. Other podcast episodes can be found in the podcast archive, but you probably know that as you listened and re-listened to them as you awaited our glorious return.


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