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It’s pretty much a Mass Effect: Andromeda special this week for the PC Invasion Podcast. Tim’s played it (albeit not finished it), I have questions about it. By our powers combined, it’s a discussion.

Movie nights gone wrong, the game’s eternal struggles with human faces, animation woes, assessment of the new companions, whether the writing is better or worse than an average CW show; we cover it all. Plus a few more things. There are some good parts of the game.

Since I’ve been farting around on the East coast for the last week, I haven’t played much. You get a few thoughts about Future Unfolding though. Then we speculate about the apparently imminent announcement of Total Warhammer 2 and potential new ‘eras’ for a historical Total War game.

Here it is: Podcast Episode 70. Prior episodes reside in our archives. See if you can spot the point at which we (well, I) start figuring out important things like Noise Reduction.


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