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This is PC Invasion Podcast Episode 75, wishing all of you a very happy Ed Balls Day. Apparently where our podcast is concerned that Special Day means ‘Peter has played a lot more games than usual’. Four, in fact. You’re going to hear about every one of them.

Starting with Little Nightmares, which is out today and seems to still contain whatever problem caused it to repeated crash about 30 minutes in. Not ideal, really. Still, that first half hour is quite atmospheric. Hopefully when the rest of the game works it’ll live up to that opening.

I’d also played some Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, featuring war-crime-detecting-Witcher-sense and deadly geometry. CI Games do seem to be working to patch the game up, so the jank may slowly begin to recede. There’s a pretty engaging open world sniping game in there somewhere, it’s just quite well hidden at the moment.

After talking about that we break in with a bit of news. Vanquish is coming to PC (no, just trust me, it is), Julian Gollop is making another cool looking tactical-strategy game, and nobody was at all surprised (saddened, sure) when the Red Dead Redemption / GTA V map mod was shut down.

Then it’s back into the games with Tim, who is now able to talk about the cornfields and classrooms of Outlast 2. Followed by more sequel chat and my time with Dragon Quest Heroes 2. Then a little bit about Steel Division: Normandy ’44 for good measure.

Listen to that below, or download it for later. Other podcast episodes are waiting in the archives, eager to give you their opinions on Ed Balls.


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