Peter Molyneux Calls The Wii U “A Clumsy, Awkward Device”

Fable Creator Peter Molyneux has been getting a lot of gaming press lately. He’s been very active in showing off his new game Godus which was funded via Kickstarter, he’s been vocal on the controversy surrounding the Dungeon Keeper reboot, he’s admitted he wasn’t satisfied with Fable 3 and now he’s taken a shot at Nintendo’s Wii U console.

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In a recent interview with Develop, Molyneux was asked about the possibility of Godus being released on consoles. He replied saying: “I think the Vita is a possibility.” Though he was less enthusiastic about the Wii U.

“I think the Wii U, if you tweak that very clumsy device, is a possibility but I find Wii U very awkward. I think the Steam Box with the touch-sensitive controller is interesting.”

He also explained that bringing Godus to the PS4 or Xbox One would be difficult due to its reliance on its touch controls.

“Godus is multi-platform. I can have Godus on phone, tablet or laptop – they’re all portals into your world. If I sculpt on one, you’ll see it come out on the other – it’s a truly connected multi-platform title.”

“We could include the consoles in that,” Molynuex continued, “and we would if not for one major obstruction: Godus is all about touching your world, stroking your world.”

“We get away with that with the mouse, even though it’s not as nice, but it’s very hard to do for console.”

Molyneux also gave more of his thoughts on the free-to-play mechanic in gaming and said: “There is a lot of contention happening in free-to-play right now,”

“I hate the term, and I hate the way free-to-play is burning through our consumers and the tender shoots of new gamers. I think the world is ready for a new way to approach that whole angle.”

Source: Nowgamer

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