You can now choose “played on another platform” on Steam to ignore games

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We all have those game recommendations on Steam that really do us no good. For example, Steam often recommends me The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which is honestly a great suggestion since the game is fantastic. Of course, I’d probably be interested if I hadn’t played it for around 150 hours on GOG. Normally, when faced with a game you don’t care to purchase on Steam, you can choose to Ignore it. Doing so will hide the game from the store front, and prevent Steam from using it for future recommendations. But if you already own that game on another platform, and enjoy others like it in the genre, ignoring it could prevent you from hearing about similar titles. Now, there might be another way. Steam has included the option to choose “Played on Another Platform,” which won’t harm your recommendations.

The update, I believe, went out yesterday. I say “believe,” because yesterday is when Steam asked for a restart. Of course, I elected to ignore it, as updates are updates. However, this one is certainly interesting. Before, I have ignored games that I’ve owned on GOG or Uplay. Although, ignoring also meant preventing me from hearing about other games I could be interested in. The option to choose “Played on Another Platform” will allow you to keep your recommendations intact, while removing the game you possibly own. It sounds nice.

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Steam offers a new option to remove games without changing the recommendations.

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Valve’s Alden Kroll released more info on the feature via Twitter. He wrote that “the plan is to feed the new ‘played on other platforms’ data into new recommendation engines.” Kroll mentioned that the new option is used on engines such as Steam Labs, which is designed to utilize “power of machine learning (all the cool kids are doing it) to help you explore the Steam Store.” Oh, I see The Witcher 3 is fairly high up on my own list. I believe it’s time to change that.

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