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Amazon is celebrating Prime Day 2022 next month, and that means Prime subscribers will be able to download a host of games soon. Brought by Prime Gaming, Amazon Prime members will have more than 30 games to download starting July 12. For those who are impatient, pre-loading for many of these games starts next week. If you’re a subscriber and haven’t tried Mass Effect Legendary Edition or Star Wars Republic Commando, soon you can.

Amazon mentions that these games are free for Prime Day 2022, but that’s not the whole truth. To claim the 30-plus games listed, you’ll have to be an Amazon Prime member. The membership automatically signs you up for Prime Gaming, which offers games to download, along with loot rewards, every month. You’ll also need to download them through the Amazon Games launcher, but thankfully you get the executables and an option to put an .exe file just about anywhere.


Now that the fine print is out of the way, we can go over the list. The games coming to Prime Day 2022 likely won’t set your hair ablaze, but there are some highlights in tow. The aforementioned Mass Effect and Republic Commando are both excellent in their own rights. There are other Star Wars games in the list, such as Jedi Knight and Jedi Knight II. Racing fanatics would be interested in GRID Legends and Need for Speed Heat — both will be available.

Amazon Prime Gaming Prime Day 2022 Free Games

It’s a lot of games to play

The games mentioned are the big boys coming to Prime Day 2022. But the others shouldn’t be discarded, as there are some real gems. Metal Slug 2 is on the list, as is 8Doors, Death Squared, Fatal Fury Special, Gone Viral, Samurai Shodown II, Rain World, Serial Cleaner, The Darkside Detective, and a lot more. Some of these, I believe, have been a part of Prime Gaming as downloadable games in the past. If you missed any of those, or if you’re a new subscriber, next month would be a good time to add them to your library.

Prime Day 2022 runs on July 12 and July 13. You can start pre-loading the games in the list on June 21, all the way until the big day.

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