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Earlier this year, there were months and months of rumors surrounding a potential Prince of Persia: Sands of Time remake. Eventually, Ubisoft did announce the title, at one of its Ubisoft Forward events later in the year. It was initially scheduled to launch in January; however, it’s now been pushed back by a few months.

We’re not sure Ubisoft was supposed to announce the delay right now though. The announcement comes from the official Ubisoft CZSK Facebook page, in Czech. When translated, the message essentially says that due to the unprecedented year of 2020, the team won’t hit the January release date. The new launch date is set for March 18.


When Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Remake was revealed at Ubisoft Forward, it was met with a mixed reception. Fans of the original were quick to compare the two, with some claiming that the 2003 release looked better overall. There’s no doubt the remake did look a bit weird during its reveal trailer, and there’s a good chance some of that feedback contributed to the delay.

The Sands of more Time

The team does note that the delay is in part to deliver a game the fans like. This again likely relates to the visual direction of the remake, as we expect the gameplay to stay pretty close to the original game. The delay reminds us of Halo: Infinite in some ways, where the team didn’t directly acknowledge fan feedback as a reason, but it remains hard to believe it didn’t contribute, in both cases.

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Either way, we’re now looking ahead to its March 18 release date. Hopefully, those weird plasticky character models will be fixed by then, and we can get a more natural looking remake. When it does launch, it’ll set you back $39.99 USD. If this delay gives you a little more confidence to pre-order, a set of original weapons, an outfit and a “classic” filter are the pre-order bonuses.

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