Project L will be free to play and announces Illaoi

Project L, a fighting game set in the League of Legends (LoL) universe, was originally announced back in 2019. It’s an assist-based tag-team fighter that is being developed by fighting game veterans, including brothers Tom and Tony Cannon. The two brothers are the founders of the Evolution Championship Series (EVO), and they even invented a rollback netcode system known as GCPO. In an update, the team has revealed that Project L will be free-to-play when it launches.

Tom Cannon talks about the free-to-play model and the current state of development in a new developer diary. He makes clear that despite being free-to-play, Project L will be respectful of players’ time and wallets, which should alleviate some concerns about monetization. Many of Riot’s other games are also free-to-play, so this move isn’t too surprising.


When it comes to the development of Project L, Riot Games is currently finishing the core mechanics and developing new champions. On top of that, it’s now working on features tied to competitive game modes and social elements that will enhance the experience. The development update ends with Cannon saying that fans can expect one more update on Project L later this year, and he mentions a new blog post with details on the latest character, Illaoi.

Making use of the IP

LoL has an outrageously large world and an overabundance of characters within it. With such a playground, it makes sense that Riot Games would pull from various directions to choose which characters will appear in Project L. We’ve already seen Jinx, Ahri, Ekko, and Darius, and now the team has revealed Illaoi.

Illaoi is a large, bruiser-type character, and she first appeared in LoL around seven years ago. The team claims that she has a unique fighting style thanks to her heavy golden idol and spirit tentacles. She’s always moving, slow, and extremely hard-hitting. In summary, she’s a character who is easy to learn but hard to master.

We’ll hear more about Project L when one more update on the game arrives later this year.

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