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Ubisoft has announced that it is developing a game called Project Q. It is a team battle arena that promises to let players “truly own the experience!” Right now it is still in early development, so there aren’t any details regarding a release date. However, those interested can sign up for updates via the Ubisoft website to show their interest in the upcoming tests.

The French publisher makes it clear that this is not a battle royale game. Instead, this will be a PvP game that features a variety of different game modes, and the sole purpose of these modes is just to have fun. Based on this, it seems as though Project Q is going to be a more casual game as opposed to a competitive one.


Given Ubisoft’s eagerness to push NFTs as of late, many fans have been skeptical of the true purpose of this game. However, the publisher insists that there are currently no plans to add NFTs. It doesn’t rule out the possibility of NFTs in the future, but Ubisoft’s Twitter account posted multiple tweets and replies emphasizing the game’s lack of NFTs.

Although, if this genuinely isn’t NFT-related, the choice of name is questionable. Ubisoft’s playable NFT service is called Ubisoft Quartz. The obvious link between Quartz and the name Project Q is difficult to overlook, especially given Ubisoft’s inability to promise that NFTs won’t be added in the future.

It’s hard to trust

Some fans may want to give Ubisoft the benefit of the doubt and believe that NFTs won’t be added to Project Q. However, several publishers have used an approach similar to this in the past. Especially in regards to loot boxes where players were promised they wouldn’t feature in a game only for a publisher to change its mind afterward. After years of broken promises, it’s understandable that so many would question Ubisoft’s true motive.

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