PSA: Watch out for this game-breaking bug at the Winter Festival in Coral Island

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If you’ve made it to winter in Coral Island and are excited for the Winter Festival, you should be extremely cautious about this game-breaking bug players are experiencing.

Luckily, one user on Reddit was able to warn players about this bug and the Match Pattern minigame that triggers it. Perhaps you should avoid the minigame altogether.

The Match Pattern minigame at the Winter Festival triggers a game-breaking bug in Coral Island

With all of the players online asking for fixes on Coral Island and its bugs, there’s another huge bug to pile on top of it all. One player on Reddit made sure to warn others about this game-breaking bug that happens at the Winter Festival in Coral Island.

After doing some investigation, this player realized it happens after the Match Pattern minigame. Like the Cherry Blossom and Tree Planting Festival, you can join in on minigames. Apparently, if you play this Match Pattern minigame against Bobby, it’ll delete all of your items. Perhaps before you join the festival you should store all the items in your inventory in a chest back at your farm.

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From what the player has seen, it doesn’t affect clothing or accessories, only everything else. They also assume it happens because the game gives you a hoe during the minigame. But after the Match Pattern minigame completes, when it tries to remove just the hoe it instead removes everything you have.

Luckily, your game doesn’t save until you go to bed, so if this happens to you you should be able to revert your save file. It’s still unfortunate that things like this are happening, alongside all the Xbox crashing as well. Although you could avoid the minigame altogether, if you still want to play it, just make sure to remove all your items before the Winter Festival begins.

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Coral Island is available on Steam, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.

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