Pubg Season 7 cosmetics Vikendi update

PUBG Season 7 is live in-game right now, and it’s launched with one of the best gameplay trailers the battle royale has made to date. The video showcases a wide range of colorful and quirky new cosmetics coming to the game. We also see some features from the new Vikendi map, like the new Dinoland and moving trains. It’s action-packed, exciting, and, a little surprisingly, fun.

But then it shows off the “new” bolt-action sniper rifle being added to the game, and you remember all the bizarre decisions PUBG Corp continues to make. The developer doesn’t want to add too many new guns to the game. It apparently thinks too much choice isn’t good and that people usually default to the few guns they think are best. So, it added the Mosin-Nagat. This bolt-action sniper is exactly the same as a Kar98, but looks different. Hashtag pointless. Hashtag waste of time.

A new look

The updated Vikendi map is the biggest addition to PUBG with Season 7. It removes a lot of the bright white snow and adds trains to ferry you to your desired destination. Dino Park has been completely overhauled to the much more impressive Dinoland. Plus, a bunch of the named locations around the map have had some extensive work done.

A new season, of course, brings with it a new Survivor Pass (PUBG‘s battle pass), which contains a whole wardrobe full of cosmetics. You can see these showcased throughout the trailer above. They look rather good, and the dinosaur costumes are hilarious.

Pubg Season 7 Survivor Pass Cold Front Cosmetics

The animals are lose in PUBG Season 7 as cosmetics get a lot more colorful.

As always with PUBG, a load of bug fixes and optimization updates have also been done to the game. You can check out all the changes coming with Season 7 in the full patch notes. Happy dinosaur hunting.

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