Ranked Mode Is Now Live With Pubg Update 7.2 (1)

The iconic battle royale shooter PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) invites everyone to play this weekend via Steam. The free-to-play event is now live and runs through Sunday. There is also a half-price sale on the game, which brings it down to just $14.99.

This opportunity comes at a great time because PUBG has received a bunch of new content and game changes recently. The game is currently in Season 7, which added significant new features, the most interesting of which are rideable trains. Check out this trailer to see what the game has to offer now:

One recent update added bots into normal modes so that all players get more opportunities to practice their headshots. The introduction of bots has not sat well with all players though. If bots aren’t your thing, consider trying the new ranked mode, which is 100% bot-free and a different experience altogether.

PUBG is currently on version 7.2 and clocks in at a file size of 28.14 GB. The free-to-play version unlocks the base game, which includes all the maps and weapons. The premium add-on “Survivor Pass: Cold Front” is of course not included.

If you plan to buy PUBG after playing, know that the season pass is $10. It includes all of the typical perks like unlockable cosmetics and XP multipliers.


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Of course, you don’t have to buy anything at all if you’re just looking for something different to sample for the weekend. PUBG was the hottest battle royale for a short time before Fortnite became a global sensation. There’s certainly nothing bad about it, and it’s absolutely worth trying if you’re into shooters and still haven’t played it. This also isn’t the first time PUBG has been free to try, so it probably won’t be the last either.

PUBG for PC was only available on Steam, but it recently joined Google Stadia and is free to play with a subscription.

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