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A new test build of PUBG has been released ahead of the full 1.0 release next week.

This update adds a Replays Menu which allows players to record up to 1km around their character. Once the game finishes the reply is saved and be played back from the Replay menu. A total of 20 of these replays can be saved.

This update also brings some tweaks and changes such as a reduced Blue zone on Miramar, new keybindings, and bugs fixes.

In other news, the PUBG team will also be taking a look at making maps selectable but they are trying to figure out a way to add the option without splitting the player base and reducing the possible number of players in the different modes and maps. No map selection will be available for launch but at least they are thinking about it.

They are also looking at implementing a ping lock to help with server lag and stability issues. You can read more about this in the update and here are the test server patch notes.

PUBG 1.0 Test Build Patch Notes #3

  • Added Replays menu
    • Added replay function which can record up to 1km around the character
    • Please enable the replay saving in Options before you enter a match
    • When the game ends, the replay will be saved and can be played on “Lobby – Replays” menu
    • Up to 20 replays can be saved. They will be automatically deleted in the oldest order when the number exceeds 20
    • Control Guide
      • J: Time line ON / OFF (Player can move to desired time, pause)
      • P: Pause
      • ↑, ↓: Play speed change
      • B: Back to own character
      • W, A, S, D: Camera move
      • E, Q: Camera height change
      • Holding Shift, Ctrl: Camera move speed change
      • TAB: Open the player list (If you click the ID, camera moves to that player’s view)
      • V or LMB: Observing camera (You can see the view of the selected player)
      • C or RMB: Following camera (The camera follows selected player and you can control the camera angles and zoom)
      • F or SPACE: Free camera (Move to the camera view which can freely move on the map)
      • L: Open the battle list (You can check engagements with and around the currently selected player)
      • M: Map (If you LMB click the player’s icon on the map, you can move to the observing camera of the selected player. If you RMB click any empty area of the map, you can move to the free camera at that position)
  • Adjusted the size of Miramar’s first blue zone, considering it was relatively large
  • Win94
    • Bullet loops can now be attached to Win94
    • Added red tip for Win94 ironsights for easier aiming
    • Increased the zoom level on Win94 in ADS while holding breath
    • Increased recoil
  • Increased the drag effect on Kar98k
  • Increased slightly the drag effect and reduced base damage of M24 by about 2%
  • Decreased duration of camera shake while firing Vector (Vector should now be slightly easier to handle while shooting)
  • The size of blood particle effects has been toned down at greater distance
  • Added two new keybindings to enable toggle/hold action for Aiming and ADS on separate keys


  • Added a new animation for Win94. Its lever action is now about 30% faster
  • Adjusted item spawn rate of Miramar to better optimize for Miramar area
  • Increased the fuel efficiency of Pickup
  • Adjusted the front skin of Aquarail
  • Removed rainy and foggy weather from Erangel (Test server only)
  • Road signs in Miramar are now breakable when hit with vehicles
  • Reduced BGM volume in lobby
  • Reduced the volume of window breaking sound effect
  • Added a sound effect for road sign breaking
  • Lowered the reverb for the character’s voice when getting hit indoors
  • Adjusted the short distance volume of Pickup and Buggy
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the issue where trying to aim while freelooking would produce an undesired visual effect
  • Fixed the issue where the Kar98k thumbnail in inventory screen had magazine clip in view
  • Fixed the issue where in parachute or plane in FPP mode, there was a viewing angle limit applied
  • Fixed the issue where the SKS did not have gun sway
  • Fixed the issue where the motorbike and buggy would slide down when parked on a slope
  • Fixed the issue where the report button would appear at the battle result screen even when player had won the game
  • Fixed the issue where a player could climb up on a blocked off floor of a particular building in Military Base
  • Killcam
    • Fixed the issue where a character was not visible or sound came first when killcam was played
    • Fixed the issue where if a character was more than 400m away, they seemed to be shooting through a closed door even when the door was open
    • Fixed the issue where the camera would show the inside of a character’s face
  • Fixed the issue where when the inventory was full, player could not drop or replace AR quickdraw magazines
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