Rainbow Six Siege Yakuza Crossover Feat

Rainbow Six Siege Yakuza crossover takes the ‘Majima everywhere’ system to new horizons

Kiryu can never escape for long.
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Perhaps one of the best (if not the best) additions to Sega’s remake of the original Yakuza is the hilarious Majima Everywhere system. Featured in Yakuza Kiwami, the system had protag Kazuma Kiryu’s best frienemy Goro Majima show up pretty much, well, everywhere. Giant traffic codes, under manhole lids, and even in a dress, Majima’s stalking couldn’t be stopped. You’d think that a Rainbow Six Siege crossover with Yakuza would free poor Kiryu from his shadow, seeing that the former will be in a completely different game universe. But of course you’d be wrong, Kiryu-chan.

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In case you’re still processing that intro, Rainbow Six Siege is indeed getting a Yakuza crossover. In a move I don’t think anyone expected, two operators are getting bundles based on Sega’s underworld crime franchise. Echo is getting a Kiryu skin, complete with a ‘Dragon of Dojima’ gun skin. Hibana is getting a bundle inspired by Kiwami 2 deuteragonist Kaoru Sayama. Her weapon skin is a bit more plain, but sports a police badge.


The crossover wouldn’t be complete without the Mad Dog of Shimano, obviously. In the reveal trailer, Ubisoft and Sega tease an elite skin for echo, inspired by non other than Majima himself. We don’t see exactly what it looks like, but he probably won’t be wearing frills this time.

The dog and the dragon

Neither Sega or Ubisoft have confirmed a release window for the skins. However, they’ll be a part of Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 – season two, which is scheduled for June 7. The season is bringing along a new operator and team deathmatch map, along with plenty of other updates. Year 7 is also adding a Privacy Mode with a new Reputation System. According to Ubisoft, it’s meant to help prevent issues like griefing.

The Rainbow Six Siege and Yakuza crossover will come out after June 7.

Rainbow Six Siege Yakuza Crossover Gun

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