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Time for some rootin', tootin' space shootin'!

Nothing beats a free game just in time for the weekend, right? If you head over to the Epic Games Store right now, you can pick up the space combat and exploration simulator Rebel Galaxy at no cost. You will just need to have an Epic account and the Epic Games Launcher downloaded on your computer.

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What is Rebel Galaxy?

Rebel Galaxy is set in a procedurally generated universe with a Cowboy Bebop-esque space-western vibe. It helps get the feel of this right by including tunes from artists back on Earth, such as Blue News, Nick North, and a ton of tracks from Blues Saraceno.

Gameplay consists of space battles, and these look like a ton of fun. Ships have multiple weapons which can be controlled by NPC helpers, so you’ll feel more like a Star Destroyer decimating an enemy fleet than you will an X-Wing looking for the right spot to shoot. You will also have a chance to get out of your ship and interact with characters on the various outposts that you can visit.

The game’s story is interesting enough to fill around a 25-hour playthrough. You receive a simple ship from your aunt to start a space adventure. This ship also comes with an artifact that everyone seems to want to take from you. Apart from the story, each solar system that you can explore comes absolutely packed with side objectives to do. You can even make your living through mining, trading, or sticking up passing ships like the space highwayman you are.

You can check out our thoughts on Rebel Galaxy from when it released back in 2015. If you take advantage of the Rebel Galaxy free download, let us give you some tips on how to quickly become a successful space frontiersman. And be sure to tell us what you think of the game in the comments!

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