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Rebellion re-releases three older titles on Steam

Gunlok, Free Running, and World War Zero are once again available courtesy of Rebellion.

Rebellion has re-released a trio of older games onto Steam, resurrecting them from the graveyard of vanished games.

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The three titles in question are Gunlok, Free Running, and World War Zero. None are what I’d call spectacular, but as someone who hates it when games vanish forever, I’m happy to see them pop up again regardless.

A Rebellion triple threat


You could cut somebody with those polygons.

The three games span about as wide a range of genres as you could hope. Gunlok, originally released in 2000, has players take control of a small squad of soldiers across 15 missions. It’s a little bit Syndicate, though if memory serves it’s got more of an emphasis on stealth and guerrilla tactics.

Free Running is exactly what it sounds like: a game based around free-running (or, well, Parkour). This one is closest in tone to something like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, with you trying to chain together moves to score points. This is also the most recent of the three, with its original release being back in 2007.

The third and final release today is World War Zero. Interestingly, this was originally called Iron Storm and was then updated and ported to the PlayStation 2 by Rebellion. The PS2 version was then ported back to the PC later. Regardless of the weird development history, World War Zero is an FPS set in an alternate history where World War One has continued for fifty years, and it’s up to you to shoot all of the men and save the world. World War Zero hit PC back in 2005, though the original Iron Storm was 2002.

Going offline

World War Zero

Guns were chunky back in the 1960 period of the First World War.

It’s worth noting that the online servers for Gunlok and Free Running have been dead for a very long time, so you can only play the multiplayer modes of those games through LAN or internet trickery. World War Zero has no multiplayer mode, as that was removed in the re-release that changed its name, so no such worries there. That said, all three should have been optimized to run smoothly on modern PCs. I can’t verify that myself right now, but that’s half the point of the re-release.

There’s a 15% launch discount on this trio of Rebellion titles, though they’re not particularly expensive to begin with. Gunlok and World War Zero will cost you just over $4 USD each, while Free Running is slightly pricier at $5.

It looks like Rebellion is focusing a lot on older stuff right now, which I’m pleased to see. This does, after all, come only a few days after the news that the company has acquired the Bitmap Brothers brand and IPs.

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