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The bolt cutters are an important item in the Resident Evil 3 remake. Other than chained doors, their most useful function during the early game is to unlock the trusty, powerful shotgun. But how do you get your hands on this useful tool? Well, leave it to us to guide you through this process.

The bolt cutters can be found in the Toy Uncle repair shop. Getting there is quite the journey, however. After weaving around our Nemesis friend and meeting Carlos, you’ll stumble on the Moon’s Donut shop. Once through the shop, you’ll make your way out the other set of blue double-doors and towards the stairs to the Kite Bros Railway building — where you’ll find the important fire hose. Pick up the fire hose and go into the office to your right. There’s a memo on the desk explaining the “need” for the shotgun. But it’s locked on a gun rack and you need the bolt cutters to gain entry. This is your clue on what to do.

Resident Evil 3 M3 Shotgun G19 Red Dot Sight Guide Donut Shop

Sweeter than donuts

Next, head back, passing a pharmacy, and guide yourself out to the donut shop. You might want to make a quick pit stop to get the red dot sight upstairs in the pharmacy manager’s office. Right now, however, we gotta get those bolt cutters. If you’re now in the actual manager’s office, head out the door closest to you and walk along the path. This will take you to a rooftop where you can drop a metal ladder that wasn’t accessible before. Once here, you can head to the alley full of fire. Attach the hose to the hydrant and clear the way.

Resident Evil 3 M3 Shotgun G19 Red Dot Sight Fire

Now, you’ll run down a short alley to the Toy Uncle repair shop. You’ll know  you made it due to the cartoon repair man and the big sign that says, well, Repair. The bolt cutters are on the wall in the back. This is also a good time to save and do a quick sweep of your inventory. There’s a storage box in the room if you need to ditch anything.

How to get the shotgun

If you want to, you can continue with the main game by cutting the chain on the door to the right of where you came in. But if you want the shotgun (and you do), head back out the way you came. There are multiple paths you can take back to the Kite Bros Railway building. One option is to go out the door, back up the ladder to the roof, and then straight down the stairs at the back. The zig-zagging path will lead back to the pharmacy manager’s office again. Run straight through the office and continue on. Head down the stairs, turn left, and enter the Kite Bros Railway station.


Once in the station, head back to the shotgun room again. I’m also sure you’re being very cautious about your surroundings at this point, so good on you. In the office, head down to your right, use the bolt cutters and grab that M3 right off its hind legs and cradle it like it was one of your own.

Look for more guides for the Resident Evil 3 remake soon.

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