Resident Evil Resistance Open Beta

Resident Evil Resistance, the 1-vs-4 multiplayer game set in the Resident Evil universe, is now in open beta on Steam. The beta was originally supposed to begin on March 27, but due to technical problems, it was delayed. No worries, though. We had the Resident Evil 3 demo to keep us occupied.

Defeat the Mastermind

If you haven’t heard about Resident Evil Resistance, it’s a game packaged with Resident Evil 3. Four survivors face off against another player who controls the Mastermind. The survivors’ objective is to solve puzzles, fend off attacks, and escape the map before they run out of time. The Mastermind’s goal is simple: stop the survivors. To help him accomplish his goal, he’ll get a deck of cards that create various problems for the good guys. These include enemies, traps, environmental manipulation, and weaponized security cameras.

Resident Evil Resistance Mastermind

You won’t be a superheroine like Jill Valentine or Leon Kennedy in this one. Instead, you’re just some plucky survivors doing their best to live. You do have an advantage with numbers, however, which will help you when Mr. X comes stomping down a hallway. One screenshot shows the survivors laying into him with firearms, and one guy is even using a baseball bat. I’m not sure if you can stop Mr. X with a baseball bat, but I guess we will find out in the beta.

Resident Evil Resistance Mr X

Resident Evil Resistance operates a bit differently than other asymmetrical games. The Mastermind doesn’t control a single entity like Dead by Daylight or the ill-fated Evolve. He is more akin to a Dungeon Master working against the players. Even the upcoming Predator: Hunting Grounds has the opposing player controlling only the Predator. As such, Resident Evil Resistance might provide a fun change of pace for fans of asymmetrical multiplayer.

You can nab Resident Evil Resistance by purchasing Resident Evil 3 for $59.99. It releases on April 3.

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