Resident Evil Reverse Launch Summer

Resident Evil RE:Verse was first announced in January as part of the first Resident Evil Showcase. In the time since, the multiplayer game, set to be bundled with Resident Evil Village, received a few beta tests. And while some of them may not have gone too smoothly, the game has certainly garnered a following. However, we never got an exact release date for RE:Verse, at least until now. An email sent to Resident Evil ambassadors has seemingly confirmed that RE:Verse will launch this summer.

The email, posted to Twitter by RE8countdown, isn’t ambiguous with its wording. It says specifically that “The service is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2021!” That release window makes sense considering the substantial efforts Capcom has put into letting players try the game early. RE:Verse has had multiple open beta periods already, with the last one having ended on April 22. Another beta for RE:Verse has not been announced since.


Today’s reveal also confirms that the game will not be available when Resident Evil Village launches. Previously, that was a safe assumption due to Capcom saying that anyone that purchased Village would also have access to RE:Verse. However, it seems that RE:Verse will launch this summer, after Village‘s release date of May 7.

What is Resident Evil RE:Verse?

If this is your first time hearing about Resident Evil RE:Verse, get ready for something unexpected. Unlike other Resident Evil titles, this game is completely multiplayer-focused. Players fill the shoes of iconic heroes, villains, and eventually bioweapons of the Resident Evil franchise.

Each match starts with humans fighting humans, collecting vials of biohazardous material as they go. However, once you die, you respawn as a Bioweapon, like Mr. X or Nemesis, and return to the battlefield. These bioweapons are still team players though, and whichever team collects the most vials and gets the most points wins.

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