Resident Evil Village DLC re:verse launch date

Resident Evil Village DLC currently in development, Re:Verse will launch next month

More Village goodness on the way.

Capcom’s E3 presentation this year kicked off with news for the massively successful Resident Evil Village. There wasn’t much in the way of announcements, however. But we did get a few words from the producer of Resident Evil Village, Tsuyoshi Konda. Resident Evil Re:Verse, the free multiplayer mode that comes with Village, will launch next month. Strangely, a more specific release date was not given. In addition, Capcom has officially confirmed that development has just started for Resident Evil Village DLC. They also said that more information on that DLC will be coming soon.

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Capcom has been trying to make multiplayer Resident Evil a thing for awhile now. Its last attempt was Resident Evil Resistance, which is so memorable I had to Google what the name was. Re:Verse lets you play as different characters from across the Resident Evil universe in team deathmatch battles through iconic locations from the series. It also features a comic book art style.


Resistance was actually supported for a long time, adding new costumes and enemies for quite awhile. It stands to reason that Capcom will do the same for Re:Verse. Plus, considering the game is comprised of series all-stars, there are a lot of cool things that could be added. Either way, we will all know how well this new attempt at Resident Evil multiplayer holds up very soon.

Resident Evil Village DLC

The future of Village remains a mystery

A lot of people were expecting some sort of announcement or confirmation of VR support for Resident Evil Village. But surprisingly nothing on that front was announced at the showcase. It’s even stranger considering the success of Resident Evil 7 in VR. If you haven’t played that game in VR yet, I highly recommend it. It is easily the most terrifying experience in video games. What could be done with Village, especially with certain scenes (you know the one), leaves us excited for the possibility.

It is also odd that Capcom announced that development is only just now starting for Resident Evil Village DLC. Usually on big AAA projects like this, you’d expect development on post-launch content to start before the game is out. Capcom mentioned that development has started instead “by popular demand.”

Resident Evil Village Dlc Reverse Launch Date

The possibilities of where Capcom could go with DLC is intriguing though. We don’t know what Chris and Ethan were up to between the events of Resident Evil 7 and Village. The post-launch DLC for Resident Evil 7 had one focused entirely on Chris, so I could easily see that happening again. Maybe Capcom could expand on that “military training” that Ethan had, which was briefly mentioned at the start of the game. Also, I doubt that any DLC will be focused on that character from the end of the game (don’t worry, no spoilers here), as that seems fitting for a full-on sequel and not just DLC.

Honestly, as long as we get more Duke, I’ll be happy.

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