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It’s no surprise that fans are already modding the hell out of Resident Evil Village. The game is highly reminiscent of Resident Evil 4, so a modder has decided to take a step toward making the new game even more reminiscent of it. The modder in question, a Patreon user who goes by FluffyQuack, has been busy making mods since the game released. So far, they’ve put out a mod that turns flies invisible, one that removes the depth of field effect while aiming, and more astoundingly, a mod that adds a third-person camera. That’s right, now you play RE Village in third-person using a mod, perhaps as you squint and pretend Ethan is Leon.

But there’s a catch. While Capcom did give Ethan an actual character model while kicking around in-game, they didn’t find it necessary to give him a head. Therefore, if you want to play Resident Evil Village in third-person, you’re going to have to make do with a headless Ethan. FluffyQuack makes it clear that the mod still needs finishing, and they lay out a series of issues that need fixing. They state that the biggest problem is that Ethan simply doesn’t look in the right direction while aiming, which is obviously not great for a game with so much shooting. They don’t currently know how to fix this issue, either.


Where is my mind?

As for the head, FluffyQuack is going to add a head mesh to the body, but it’ll be no-frills and most likely won’t animate at all. Other issues with the mod include that it’s not possible to interact with the majority of objects due to the way Resident Evil Village calculates distance, as well as the fact that the camera moves a great deal during both shooting and reloading, which doesn’t work well with the third-person perspective. The sniper rifle view takes the wrong position in third-person as well, plus the camera will clip through any and all walls, showing a black void beyond them.

Those last two can’t really be fixed. Regardless, this is a fascinating mod, and I’m curious to see how FluffyQuack ends up dealing with its current issues.

Andrew Farrell
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