Empires Apart Review

DESTINYbit release their multiplayer-focused RTS and Rich discovers it shares similarities with Age of Empires.

Bio Inc. Redemption Review

Paul heads to the operating theatre to try and cure patients of all kinds of horrific illnesses.

Sprint Vector Review

Paul checks out Survios’ latest VR game which is futuristic sprint racing. It will get your heart racing.

Boxed In Review

Boxed In takes the concept of Tetris into VR but don’t get trapped in the room. Paul gets crushed.

Sairento VR Review

Paul goes all ninja and takes Mixed Realms new release for a spin in a futuristic Tokyo.

Death Coming Review

Paul tries to figure out how to kill as many cartoon characters as possible.

The Evil Within 2 Review

Slightly cheesy horror? Gore and gross-out stylings? Stealth and gunplay? Tim’s up for some time with The Evil Within 2.

FIFA 18 Review

Hunter’s back. Frostbitten balls are back. AI doing all the defending is … out? What this all means for FIFA 18.

HOB Review

Runic Games are back as we enter the mysterious world of HOB.

Total War: Warhammer 2 Review

The New World calls in Total War: Warhammer 2. Will it have the confident poise of a haughty Dragon Prince, or do you smell a rat?