Road 96

It’s looking like 2021 will deliver some new experiences about travelling out on the open road. Gone Home developer Fullbright just revealed its next game, Open Roads, and now Road 96 is taking us on another journey. This one is all about escaping a country in turmoil, which is completely new territory for all of us…

Road 96 is a procedurally generated game about hitchiking, basically. Developer Digixart says no two roads are the same, which is an apt way to describe life really. Anyway, Road 96 looks like it has the chance to take us on quite the journey. The reveal trailer showcases serene hiking, a violent stand-off in a rural diner and a police chase so, not every escape will be plain sailing.

Aside from the scary synergy with 2020, Road 96 looks like it could deliver another great story-driven experience. Characters look emotive and there’s proper voice acting here, making us intrigued to see how the story blends with procedural generation. You’re warned to be careful of who you travel with, by someone who cares about where you end up. We can see a relationship forming, especially if that radio chatter becomes your only comfort in a run for the border.

Story pedigree

It’s not just the trailer that gives us hope for the story of Road 96. This one comes from the team that brought us Valiant Hearts: The Great War and 11-11: Memories Retold. These are two games that hugely delivered on the narrative front, providing heart-wrenching stories about the horrors of war. The setting may be a little different this time around, but there’s potential for a very emotional story to play out.

Road 96

When it comes to gameplay, as is the nature with this style, most of it probably revolves around traversal. There is a clip of a car chase involving a gunfight from the back of a truck though, so Road 96 might mix things up depending on your individual journey.

Road 96 launches next year on PC, and you can wishlist it now on Steam.

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