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So you may have seen the news a little while back that Psyonix was changing its Rocket League loot box system to replace them with Blueprints and Item Shop purchases. And while it expected some criticism from the change, what it got was more than expected, with the community universally hating it. So now, it’s making changes in an attempt to be for the better.

The publisher has gone back and cut a majority of prices in the Item Shop, by around half or so. Here’s how pricing looks at the moment, with 100 credits equaling $1:

Item rarities:

  • Rare item: 50-100 credits
  • Very rare item: 100-200 credits
  • Import item: 300-500 credits
  • Exotic item: 700-800 credits

Additional features:

  • Most paint colors: 50-200 additional credits
  • Burnt Sienna: 0 additional credits (Haha, everyone hates burnt sienna.)
  • Titanium White: 100-500 additional credits
  • Special Editions: 200-400 additional credits

What do Rocket League fans think?

While it’s not quite a change back to being somewhat affordable, it is better than it was. Infiniums are no longer over $10 each, though they do still sell for around $7 to $8 a pop.

In addition, those that were displeased by their purchases in the past will receive a refund for their troubles. These returns, according to Psyonix, will be made within the next few hours. Those awaiting said credit can get in touch with the customer care team.

The Rocket League team apologized for the inconvenience and said it takes feedback “from our passionate community seriously.” They hope that the “change in pricing reflects that.”

We’ll see what fans think in the days ahead, but this does appear to be a sign of improvement. Will it continue, however? We’ll find out how the feedback goes.

In the meantime, the latest trailer for Rocket League is below, highlighting the debut of the next Rocket League Championship League. Will you tune in and see how matches go down?

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