Rocket League ‘Spring Fever’ Event Starting on March 19

Players of the incredibly popular sports game Rocket League will soon be able to enjoy a new in-game event.

Dubbed ‘Spring Fever’, this new event will allow players to earn ‘Flowers’ which can be exchanged to unlock items in the Spring Fever Crate (a lootbox). Some new customization items will also be added to the game in-line with the ‘spring’ theme of this event, such as flower boost trails and antennas, among other new stuff.

The Spring Fever event will begin on March 19 @ 10AM (Pacific)/1PM (Eastern) and will run for almost a full month, ending on April 9.

Here’s the full announcement:

We’ve got a FEVER, and the only prescription is more Soccar!

Spring Fever is our next in-game Event in Rocket League, which starts next week! Featuring a new Crate of the same name that can be obtained as a drop after some Online Matches, via unlock with ‘Flowers’ that you earn, or as a direct purchase through the Rocket League client (similar to buying Keys or Premium DLC Battle-Cars), the new event should be pretty awesome!

Alongside the Spring Fever Crate are 10 NEW items that can be purchased with those same aforementioned ‘Flowers.’ Check out some of the Spring Fever Crate and Event items below!

  • Spring Fever Start Time: Monday, March 19, 10am PDT (1pm EDT, 7pm CET on March 19)

  • Spring Fever End Time: Monday, April 9, 5pm PDT (8pm EDT, 2am CET on April 10)


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