August 23rd, 2017

Rocksmith 2014 goes Muse with this week’s DLC

muse rocksmith
This is obviously not my collection, because I do not have My Chemical Romance DLC. I have ears.

This week’s Rocksmith 2014 DLC is considerably better than last week’s Rocksmith 2014 DLC, which was Disturbed. Seriously, there is no way I’m writing about Disturbed DLC.

Anyway: this week, it’s Muse! Better still, it’s old Muse, as all five songs are pre-The Resistance! If you fancy strumming away to Hysteria, Time Is Running Out, Stockholm Syndrome, Supermassive Black Hole, or Muscle Memory, you can do so for £2.49 a song or £9.69 for a pack of all five. I’m actually sort of scared to purchase any of these because I know what Hysteria is like on bass, and I really like having fingers.

More amusingly, this week’s offering of Japanese music is Golden Bomber. Golden Bomber is a visual kei band, which basically means they look like glam rockers. The funny part is that Golden Bomber are an air rock band – none of them actually play their instruments, and instead focus on having visually impressive stage shows. This means that, if you actually manage to play through one of their songs on even the easiest settings, you’re better at playing their songs than the actual band. Memeshikute, Earphone, and Death Mental all cost £2.49 each or £6.49 for the song pack.

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