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The Astromancer is one of the most unique classes in Rogue Legacy 2. Blades, guns, and bows are effective, but their power pales in comparison to the stars above. Astromancers tap into the potential of the outer worlds to smite down any enemies that dare stand before them. As a trade-off for this incredible power and this class’ huge Mana pool, the Astromancer has the lowest base health of any class. Staying alive with such low health can be tricky. To help you do so, we’ve put together this handy guide on the Astromancer’s Weapon, Ability, and Passive in Rogue Legacy 2.

Unlocking the Astromancer requires your castle to be at level 42. This and the Pirate are the first classes that you can unlock after level 36. If you’ve already unlocked the Chef, the other upgrades needed to access the Astromancer are Library and Math Club. Any extra castle upgrades required to reach level 42 should be spent on upgrades that improve Intelligence. Intelligence is important for several classes in Rogue Legacy 2, but arguably none more so than the Astromancer.


Rogue Legacy 2: Astromancer class guide — Weapon, ability, and passive

Celestial Sceptre

A scepter is a staff that was once held by a ruling monarch or someone of historical significance. We don’t know the exact history of the Astromancer’s weapon of choice, the Celestial Sceptre, but given its unearthly capabilities, it may have once been held by a being of incredible power. When swung the Celestial Sceptre splits reality by creating a black hole just in front of the caster. Any enemies within range of the black hole will continuously take damage until they can escape. This damage becomes critical damage if the enemy is standing directly in the middle of the black hole.

The damage-over-time aspect of the Celestial Sceptre makes it an interesting weapon. Each individual hit dealt by the black hole is relatively weak, but over its whole duration it deals an extraordinary amount of damage. Therefore, the strategy is to place it down and then move around it in such a way that enemies don’t escape its reach. Speaking of reach, the black hole’s hitbox is huge, making it a great tool to deal damage to enemies who are on the other side of walls or on platforms above you. It’s possible to take down enemies in these positions without giving them the opportunity to fight back.

Rogue Legacy 2 Astromancer Celestial Sceptre Attack weapon ability passive

Comet Form

Comet Form is the talent for the Astromancer class in Rogue Legacy 2. It does exactly what its name would suggest: when cast, the Astromancer inherits the characteristics of a comet. You can speed around rooms and freely fly through enemies. As an added bonus, this grants the Cloaked buff, making you immune to damage while Comet Form is active. It lasts just under two seconds and has a seven-second cooldown. Although, the Amplification Rune can be used to extend its duration.

As with any ability that grants the Cloaked buff, Comet Form offers a great escape option. If you are in trouble, simply activate it and fly away back to a safe position. Even though its main use is to survive, Comet Form does have an offensive use too. Enemies within this talent’s circular outer aura are damaged. By placing down a black hole on an enemy and then using Comet Form to fly into them, it’s possible to deal some spectacular burst damage.

Rogue Legacy 2 Astromancer Guide Comet Form Talent weapon ability passive

Grand Vision

Everyone loves a simple but effective passive ability, and that’s exactly what you get with Grand Vision. Grand Vision is the passive ability for the Astromancer class in Rogue Legacy 2. Its main effect is increasing your heir’s Intelligence by 20%, which helps increase spell damage. Given the Astromancer’s massive Mana pool, you are going to want to cast as many spells as possible. So, having those spells deal more damage is obviously a good thing.

It’s not like keeping your Mana high is difficult with this class, either. Grand Vision also makes all damage dealt generate Mana. Each individual hit will generate 1 Mana, which is incredible, as this class is all about dealing as many hits as possible in quick succession. Regular use of the Celestial Sceptre and Comet Form makes it difficult to run out of Mana, even if you try to.

Rogue Legacy 2 Astromancer Grand Vision Passive Ability

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