Rogue Legacy 2: Gunslinger class guide — Weapon, ability, and passive

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The Gunslinger is the first-class available in Rogue Legacy 2 that uses a gun. In fact, it is just one of two classes to use a gun at all and the only class to use a traditional firearm. Its unique weapon makes the Gunslinger one of the most interesting classes to play. Similar to other non-melee classes like the Mage and Ranger, the Gunslinger has low Health but a huge Mana pool. This class plays like no other, so  this guide will go over its Weapon, Ability, and Passive to help you get the most out of it as you play Rogue Legacy 2.

Unlocking the Gunslinger requires your castle to be at level 36. This and the Assassin are the first classes you can unlock after level 30. Assuming you’ve already unlocked the Chef, the only other upgrade needed to access the Gunslinger is the Library found on the far right of the Castle Upgrade tree. If required, any extra levels should be earned by spending Gold on Castle Upgrades that improve Intelligence, as this stat is extremely important for the Gunslinger.


Kinetic Revolver

The Kinetic Revolver is a handgun with some unusual characteristics for a revolver. Instead of the standard six rounds that you would expect to see in a revolver, this monster can chamber up to 22 rounds. The logistics of how that works makes no sense, so we’ll just call it magic. Furthermore, its fire rate is approximately 600 rounds per minute, which is extraordinarily fast for a revolver.

Unlike other weapons in Rogue Legacy 2, the Gunslinger’s Kinetic Revolver requires manual reloading. Reload is bound to the Use key, which defaults to ‘R’ on keyboard and RB/R1 on a controller. Alternatively, you can reload by pressing the fire button with an empty clip. The last eight rounds of a clip always deal critical damage. Because of this, it is usually a bad idea to reload a clip early. The Kinetic Revolver can only fire when stationary, and it does not work whilst dashing. However, you can jump into the air, and then begin shooting, which will cause you to float until either the clip is empty or you stop firing.

Rogue Legacy 2 Gunslinger Kinetic Revolver Shooting

Makeshift Explosive

The Gunslinger’s talent is Makeshift Explosive. This is a grenade that is made up of several sticks of dynamite that have been taped together. When used, a grenade is placed down and explodes half a second later. It explodes in a plus-shaped pattern, Bomberman style. The Makeshift Explosive is also completely unaffected by gravity. You can line up its explosion trajectory in mid-air, drop it, and watch the fireworks.

This talent is one of the reasons that the Intelligence stat is so important when playing the Gunslinger in Rogue Legacy 2. The damage of the Makeshift Explosive is equal to 150% of your Intelligence stat. If you want this talent to remain effective in the later biomes, spending Gold on Castle Upgrades that improve Intelligence is a must.

Rogue Legacy 2 Gunslinger Makeshift Explosive


Makeshift Explosive benefits from the Intelligence stat, but it’s Suave that makes spending points on it essential to get the most out of this class. Suave is the Gunslinger’s passive ability in Rogue Legacy 2. It takes 15% of your Intelligence stat and adds that number to your weapons’ damage output. In the early game, this is one of the weaker passives, but it becomes better as you progress.

Even one extra damage via Suave can make a big difference thanks to the Kinetic Revolver’s fast fire rate. So the fact that an end-game run can see it add 10 or 15 damage per shot is fantastic. Unfortunately, this class has a significant flaw. The Gunslinger lacks mobility and has low Health, which makes it difficult to survive. This becomes especially true in New Game Plus, as staying on the move constantly is a requirement to not die in the post-game. This makes the Gunslinger a fun class that hits hard, but it is not necessarily the best overall choice.

Rogue Legacy 2 Gunslinger Suave Passive Ability Intelligence

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