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The Valkyrie is one of the first melee classes unlocked in Rogue Legacy 2 following the Knight. It is also one of the first new classes that players get to try out, as it was not in the original game. The Valkyrie is a versatile class that has average health and an exceptional mana pool. Its reasonable bulk combined with its large amount of mana makes the Valkyrie great for aggressive, spell-focused gameplay. Here’s our handy guide on how to perform the best as the Valkyrie class in Rogue Legacy 2.

Unlocking the Valkyrie class in Rogue Legacy 2 is simple. After unlocking the Ranger, you’ll gain access to the Mess Hall castle upgrade. This increases your vitality stat, boosting your total health pool. Put one point into this upgrade and you’ll be able to purchase the Valkyrie plus two other new classes, the Barbarian and the Mage.



The Fauchard is a polearm weapon that saw use across Europe for much of the last millennium. It is a curved spear with excellent range. In Rogue Legacy 2, its unique trait is that it can attack in all four directions. Most weapons in the game can only attack forward and backward, but the Fauchard can use an uppercut and downward stab attack, too.

The downward stab attack can be used instead of the Spin Kick to gain height. A perfectly timed downward attack actually generates more height than a Spin Kick, which can be useful for staying above and continuously hitting enemies. Similar to the Knight’s Great Sword, any attack delivered while dashing will always deal critical damage.

Rogue Legacy 2 Valkyrie Fauchard Polearm Weapon


In Rogue Legacy 2, the Valkyrie class gets access to the Deflect talent. When used, the Valkyrie spins the Fauchard above their head for around half a second. This deals damage to nearby enemies, but that isn’t the main purpose of Deflect. Instead, Deflect should be used defensively, as it absorbs most incoming projectiles, saving you from taking a hit that may have otherwise been lethal.

A fun secondary effect of Deflect is that it provides a way to build up Mana. All projectiles absorbed by Deflect give 15 Mana each. If well timed, it is easily possible to gain a quick 30 or 45 Mana, which can then be channeled into a damaging spell. It’s a classic case of turning defense into offense.

Deflect has an unusual cooldown mechanic as it isn’t time-based. Instead, Deflect’s cooldown is reduced by one for every successful hit. This means that Deflect is off cooldown most of the time, as landing the five hits required to bring it off cooldown isn’t difficult.

Rogue Legacy 2 Valkyrie Deflect Talent Mana


Despite being a melee class, the Valkyrie offers a lot for those who prefer using spells. Its passive ability Battleborn provides both a 5% boost to critical hit chance and a 10% boost to critical hit damage while using magic. Although this is designed to be used with spells, it also applies to Deflect and any overtime burn or poison damage inflicted.

Maintaining mana with the Valkyrie class can be difficult as you have to rely on the Deflect talent a lot. Therefore, if this is a class you enjoy playing, it is advised to try and unlock the runes that improve Mana regen and total Mana. Some examples include the Capacity Rune, Siphon Rune, and Trick Rune.

Rogue Legacy 2 Valkyrie Battleborn Passive Ability

Note: For more information, check out our Rogue Legacy 2 guides and features hub.

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