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Nowadays, fans of turn-based RPGs have plenty of options to choose from, but Chained Echoes may still pique their interest. Funded via Kickstarter back in 2019, Chained Echoes represents the vision of Matthias Linda, a developer who has chosen to craft the game mostly by himself. Eddie Marianukroh, the game’s composer, and publisher Deck13 serve as the only other contributors to the project. Considering the sheer scale of this estimated 40 to 50-hour title, that represents quite the accomplishment. If you wish to check Chained Echoes out for yourself, feel free to take a look at the recently-dropped trailer, which teases a release window of Q4 2022.

According to the Steam pageChained Echoes functions as a “16-bit SNES style RPG” that takes place in a world filled with both classic fantasy dragons and modern pilotable mechs. Players take control of a band of heroes that travel around and encounter the usual JRPG trappings, including a colorful cast of characters, sprawling vistas, and dangerous opponents to take down. Chained Echoes focuses heavily on its narrative, which sees its main protagonists attempt to end a war that three kingdoms have waged on each other for generations.


Don’t worry about random battles

As for the gameplay, Chained Echoes features turn-based battles that players can always see ahead of time, which means no random battles to speak of. Players can switch between exploring and battling either on foot or in their mech suits, which the trailer displays in their full glory.

Projects helmed by only one or two people will always remain impressive, and that especially appears to be the case with Chained Echoes. Judging by the trailer, Chained Echoes certainly looks like an incredibly polished passion project, and the newly-announced release window gives players plenty of cause for excitement. Of course, the game could still see a delay, so it doesn’t hurt to remain prepared for that possibility.

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