RuneScape has finally arrived on Steam, Old School to follow

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The modern version of RuneScape has officially made its way to Steam, following years of iteration by developer Jagex. The game crept into the top 40 games most wanted on Steam, pulled from player wishlists. This feat occurred last month, and the developer took note, and ported it to PC gaming’s biggest storefront.

Thankfully, the port isn’t a basic store listing. The Steam version comes complete with Steam achievements, badges, trading cards and emoticons, making it the full package. The badges, trading cards, and the like are based on some of RuneScape‘s most popular characters and items. To boot, there’s some launch exclusive content if people upgrade to RuneScape membership via the Steam version of the game.

If becoming a RuneScape member is the route for you, four individual bonuses are up for grabs at launch. There’s the “Steam” Punk Forge Goblin outfit, the Forge Goblin Warhammer and the Mechanical Frog pet, all of which are available now for paid members. Different tiers of membership get different rewards, so you’ll have to fork out to grab them all. The starter pack contains the Warhammer, the standard pack has the Goblin outfit, and the max pack contains all four in-game bonuses. The RuneScape Orchestral soundtrack is also included with the standard and max membership options.

Cross-platform synergy

RuneScape‘s arrival on Steam won’t split the playerbase if people want to jump over to the Valve version. Cross-platform play merges all PC players, and enables users to link their existing RuneScape account to Steam, to carry on with their existing character and gear. This functionality also comes to mobile players, where RuneScape is currently in early access.

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For those of you who play Old School RuneScape, a developer-supported build of the game dating back to 2007, there’s good news. Old School RuneScape will also come to Steam early next year. If you are jumping into the more modern build, there’s an in-game launch party happening right now at Taverley Docks.

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