Runescape Rs3 Ironman Group Bossing Possible With Main Accounts

For the longest time, the slogan for RuneScape‘s Ironman game mode has been “You Stand Alone!” This is in reference to how the mode challenges players to earn their own upgrades from scratch with no help. However, that changes today. The recent Combat Mini Strike update for RuneScape has made it so that group bossing with everyone is now possible for Ironman accounts.

Previously, Ironmen and Ironwomen could only team up with other Iron accounts. This made beating group encounters possible without having to rely on regular accounts. The idea was to maintain the game mode’s integrity as best as possible so as to not devalue the achievements of past Ironmen.


As the years have gone on though, the community has begun to care less about the mode’s integrity. There has been a widespread desire amongst RuneScape players for Ironman accounts to be able to partake in group bossing with normal accounts for some time. Today that desire becomes reality, opening up a world of potential for all Ironmen and Ironwomen.

Iron accounts and boss tweaks

Moving forward, Ironman accounts will use the same shared loot system as regular accounts. This means that when bossing in a group drops can either be decided by damage output or Lootshare. Furthermore, Ironman accounts will no longer be forced to use instances for bosses where an uninstanced version is available. To account for this change, the discount given to Ironman accounts when creating instances has been removed. This change will apply to both group bossing and solo bossing in RuneScape when on an Ironman account.

Runescape Rs3 Ironman Combat Ministrike Bossing Patch Notes

The patch notes detailing the changes made to ironman bossing.

Today’s Combat Mini Strike also makes some adjustments to a few bosses. The most recent boss added, Zamorak, Lord of Chaos, has had his drop table tweaked to make completing high enrage encounters more worthwhile. Meanwhile, Solak has received a soft rework making him now possible to kill solo, rather than just being a group boss. The final bosses to be updated are the Dagganoth Kings. The pet drops for this classic trio have been visually updated to better reflect the bosses they come from.

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