Odyssey Neo G8 Samsung Gaming Monitor 4k 240hz Pc

Tech is always getting better, and we’re on the verge of stepping up to another generation of PC gaming performance when next-gen graphics cards launch later this year. That’s why it comes as no surprise that monitor manufacturers are gearing up for new levels of fidelity and responsiveness. Samsung is certainly expecting as much with the release of its Odyssey Neo G8 mini-LED curved gaming monitor, which is capable of 240Hz at 4K resolution. And that’s just scratching the surface of what’s packed in it.

Those specs should be enough to make any gamer baulk at the challenge of running games at such levels. However, there should be some excellent components arriving in the GPU and CPU spaces later this year, not to mention better and more affordable DDR5 memory.


Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 specs and features

You can find the full spec sheet on Samsung’s product page, and we encourage you to check those out for yourself. Here are some of the highlights to takeaway.

Aside from the 4K resolution and 240Hz refresh rate, this 32″ monitor packs a mini-LED backlight and a 1000R curved VA panel that’s capable of HDR 2000. The 95% DCI-P3 color gamut should also appeal to creators that require color accuracy.

Samsung Odyssey G8 Neo Curved Gaming Monitor Price 4k 240hz

Can you get behind the idea of playing on a curved screen? (Image credit: Samsung).

The resolution minimizes aliasing and brings out gorgeous details in games. The refresh rate among some other specs allow for significantly better responsiveness and less motion blur. The illumination allows for serious HDR visuals and stark contrast ratios. The curve is meant to improve the overall look of imagery, reducing backlight glow and minimizing the technical weaknesses of a VA panel. However, this curve won’t visually appeal to all.

The monitor additionally supports plenty of gaming and quality of life features most have come to expect out of premium monitors. Some examples include FreeSync/G-Sync compatibility, full tilt, height, and swivel control, eyecare options, and unsurprisingly some RGB on the back.

An epic or ultimate panel?

While it all sounds very impressive, this certainly isn’t going to be the ultimate gaming monitor. There are still plenty of new display technologies and features coming to market over the next few years if you don’t mind holding out. For instance, ASUS ROG is already preparing a 500Hz gaming monitor. What the Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 offers is a high-end 4K gaming monitor that you can get today.

Samsung Odyssey G8 Neo Curved Gaming Monitor Price 4k White

There’s only one color scheme. (Image credit: Samsung).

At $1499 USD, it’s by no means cheap, but it does offer a lot for the price and could serve you well for many years of visually impressive and smooth gaming. As always, we recommend checking out independent reviews if interested in picking one up. You also may want to consider a look at the Neo G7, which should launch later this year and cost at least a couple hundred dollars less while retaining many of the same features specs and a peppy 165Hz refresh rate.

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