Samurai Warriors 4-II marching to Steam in October

Koei Tecmo’s sequel to Samurai Warriors 4, naturally named Samurai Warriors 4-II, will be strapping on its armour and heading to Steam later this year.

Apparently, this one focuses more on the samurai themselves. While previously games in the series looked at various regions of feudal Japan, this title will follow 13 characters (nine from Samurai Warriors 4, three from previous titles, and one brand new character) through their own personal adventures.

Naturally, it promises to be all new and shiny with revamped “battle, action and character development systems”, as well as offering an Endless Castle mode that challenges players to either survive for as long as they can, or to try and beat the clock while fighting their way through its increasingly difficult levels.

Samurai Warriors 4-II is scheduled for release on 2 October of this year. You can see some pretty screens below.

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