If fleshy protrusions and body horror are your psychological itch, then Scorn might just be the weird, malformed appendage to do the scratching. The first-person horror title from Ebb Software has released a new teaser trailer, full of strange imagery, a droning score, and lots of pulsing organic matter.

There’s clearly a heavy Giger influence here, with a bit of Videodrome (the weaponry especially) and maybe even a spot of Hellraiser. The game itself will be a mix of puzzle-solving and gunplay, and promises to do all of its storytelling in-game (no cut-scenes, in other words). Scorn also “won’t show you any sympathy” if you miss something important, apparently.

The game is currently on Steam Greenlight, and has a tentative release date of 2017 for “part one” of this unsettling journey. Here’s a trailer, which, pleasingly, doesn’t rely on jump-scares or rapid cuts. Just bizarre imagery and eerie sounds.

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