Sea Of Thieves Ships Of Fortune emissary update

Sea of Thieves continues to keep its players happy with consistent monthly content updates. The latest of these, titled Ships of Fortune, gives players the option to become an Emissary for one of Sea of Thieves‘ many Trading Companies. The role of Emissary is a great honor that comes with boosted rewards. But, of course, it also comes with greater danger.

Choose your allegiance

Players will be able to pledge their allegiance to one of the four original Sea of Thieves Trading Companies, as well as the mysterious new company, The Reaper’s Bones. The role of Emissary is highly sought after and prestigious. So, you’ll need to make a large donation as a sign that you appreciate the privilege. They want your gold. Damn capitalists.

Each Company plays a certain way, so players will naturally gravitate towards the one that suits their playstyle. Once you do, you can hoist your Company’s flag and advance through the ranks of the new reputation system. Best of all, you can unlock new ship cosmetics in the style of your Company. If you’d like an in-depth look at the new Emissary role, you can check out the explanation video from the Sea of Thieves team.

A competitive Emissary Ledger is also coming soon. This will allow you to test yourself against other Emissaries for the chance to earn big rewards and titles. But while you may feel proud to hoist your Company’s flag, rival Companies would prefer to see you at the bottom of the ocean. That’s particularly true for the newly emerged Company, The Reaper’s Bones. Their Emissaries have one objective: to take your Emissary flag as a trophy. So, make sure you’re prepared for the added danger of Emissary duty.

Feline friends

The other big new thing arriving with the Ships of Fortune content update is cats. Parrots and monkeys are so “last content update”. Cats are Sea of Thieves‘ new must-have companion. They’re cute, regal, and incredibly loyal… to themselves. You can pick up the three different types of cats in the Pirate Emporium, as well as a bunch of different styles for each.

Sea Of Thieves Ships Of Fortune Three Cats

A bunch of other new features and cosmetics have also arrived with Ships of Fortune. You can check them all out for yourself in the full patch notes on the Sea of Thieves website.

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