Second Extinction

In the world of first-person shooters there are certain types of enemies that we often find ourselves going up against. Nearly every shooter seems to find us laying waste to wave after wave of aliens, monsters, or Nazis. One of the foes that we haven’t seen enough of in the FPS arena though are dinosaurs. Since the late ’90s, when we saw games such as Turok and Dino Crisis, these reptilian foes have been largely absent. Well, that is about to change thanks to Second Extinction from Swedish developer Systemic Reaction.

Second Extinction is a cooperative first-person shooter where you will take on an array of dinosaurs. You’ll even find yourself facing some mutated varieties. The game is due to launch next month, and to whet everyone’s appetite, Systemic Reaction has released a new “Raw(r) Gameplay” video. We get a pretty good look at the type of missions that we’ll be tasked with as well as an array of the fearsome dinosaurs. Anyways, settle in and check out this video below.

This certainly gives us a good taste of what we can expect from Second Extinction. The dinosaurs look appropriately fearsome and aggressive. It’s an interesting choice to only have three players at a time. Hopefully, this is down to balancing the gameplay rather than any technical limitations. Guns seem pretty standard fare, but there are some interesting explosives on offer. From standard grenades to calling in artillery strikes, these toys certainly help to level the playing field against the dinosaurs. We also get a look at a couple of mission types. There’s a repair mission and another where you have to call down a dropship. While neither of these look particularly special, the main attraction is the combat against the dinosaurs. It certainly whets the appetite in anticipation of the launch into Steam Early Access on October 13.

Steve Clist
Steve has been an avid gamer ever since his school friends got Goldeneye on the N64 and realised that he wanted to play as well. Nowadays you'll find him either racing cars in Forza, shooting things in an array of first-person shooters, or hunting for even more loot in Diablo III.

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