Any gamer worth their salt knows about the Metal Gear Solid franchise and the great games that support it such as Snake Eater and Guns of the Patriots. You may not be aware of a little known title called Portable Ops which was a PSP exclusive released in 2006. The game took place six years after Snake Eater and followed Naked Snake after he abandons FOX and goes rogue. Despite getting fantastic reviews, the game didn’t get the as much attention as it deserved and unlike Peace Walker (the second Metal Gear Solid PSP game) the title wasn’t included in the HD remake that featured Snake Eater, Sons of Liberty, and Peace Walker all playable on Xbox 360 and PS3.

I myself did play Portable Ops and had a great time with it. Sure, it wasn’t without a few faults but these were minor and I believe it deserves to stand up and be counted along with the other Metal Gear titles. In this article published by Metal Gear Informer, you can read seven reasons why Portable Ops was a great game and why you should check it out. You can read the article right HERE.


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