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Those looking for one more gift for the holiday season may want to check out the Epic Games Store. Currently, the Epic Games Store has the stylish parkour shooter Severed Steel available free of charge. Many shooter fans will likely want to jump in on this offer, but they will have to do so quickly, as the sale will end tomorrow at 11 AM ET.

The Epic Games Store page describes Severed Steel as a single-player FPS in which you take out your enemies while effortlessly parkouring around the environment. Severed Steel‘s flowing stunt system allows players to slide, wall run, dive, and leap across levels to express themselves in the most stylish ways possible.

Players assume the role of the titular Steel, a skilled sharpshooter who lost her lower left arm. Despite this major setback, she still manages to tackle her objectives with speed and efficiency. Plus, it does not take long for her to replace the missing appendage with a potent arm cannon she can use alongside traditional firearms.

Make the best of what you have

Because of Steel’s missing arm, players cannot reload as they can in most other shooters. Instead, they will have to shoot at the most opportune times and steal one of the enemy’s weapons after running out of bullets. These weapons can all interact with the game’s “destructible voxel environments,” so feel free to go crazy if you want to. But those looking to pass these levels efficiently will have their skills tested, as the game boasts dynamic AI that can result in wildly unique firefights.

In addition to the standard levels, the Epic Games Store notes that Severed Steel lets players construct their very own stages to share with others online. If you want to push the game’s mechanics to their fullest, then this should provide the perfect opportunity to do so.

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