Eternal Hope Into The Shadow World Gameplay Trailer Feat

Go ‘into the Shadow World’ in latest Eternal Hope gameplay trailer

Eternally yours.

Eternal Hope is gearing up as an artistic, and often unsettling little puzzle platformer. In late May we got a quick glimpse of the game with a trailer demonstrating an art style that seemed to blend Studio Ghibli and Limbo. Today, developer Doublehit Games released a new trailer, this time showing off the eerie Shadow World. It’s a dreary place that can prove quite useful — if you survive it long enough.

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In Eternal Hope, you have the ability to quickly swap between the real and Shadow World, a dark, parallel dimension. It’s the home of equally dark beings called the An’mu. Shifting into this otherworldly dimension has its benefits. The An’mu can provide new opportunities to progress through the game, such as becoming a platform to bypass pools of water — an example seen in the trailer.

Eternal Hope Into The Shadow World gameplay trailer platform

Pardon me, sir.

Different structures can exist in either world as well. In the trailer, we see the protagonist Ti’bi swapping back and forth between dimensions, using real-world and Shadow World platforms to pass over a lake.

Of course, just because you can use the Shadow World, that doesn’t mean it’s a friendly place to visit long. Corrupted, maskless An’mu are certainly not your allies in Eternal Hope. The “corrupted” part should clue you into that reality.

Hope for the hopeless

Eternal Hope is, well, a game about hope, despite how dire its world can be. As Ti’bi, you travel through the world to successfully rescue the soul of a girl you couldn’t save. Desperation seems to be a prevailing theme in the game, as you’re forced to visit the dangerous Shadow World to find your lost beloved. Puzzle solving seems to be your only reprieve, as otherwise you’re trying to avoid deadly traps and enormous, cursed beings that think you look tasty.

Eternal Hope will launch on August 6 for PC via Steam.

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