Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Full Walkthrough Guide

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One walkthrough – The Lost Cane (Intro)

Let’s discuss The Lost Cane, the first investigation of sorts that you’ll need to complete in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One.


Go sit with Jon in the hotel bar. He wants to challenge you to a game where you have to determine who owns a cane that was left on a table:

  • Examine the cane – The golden outlines allow you to zoom in so Sherlock can make a remark.
  • Talk to witnesses – Open your casebook and make sure that the evidence is selected (i.e., it has red icons of a pin and of a group of people). Talk to nearby hotel visitors and they’ll tell you that the item is owned by a British nobleman who was in the military.
  • Find the cane’s owner – Go outside and use Concentration (“Q” key) and pan the camera around to look at various peeps. One should be “Irish” and a “retired military officer.”

Campaign/narrative structure

Doing all of the above means you’ve found the right man (and Jon will applaud your efforts). In fact, each main case in the campaign will have at least one of Jon’s challenges, too. As for other matters, this is what you can expect from the campaign in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One:

  • Main quests – There are four main cases (i.e., main quests) with numerous objectives.
  • A Mother’s Love/Shattered Memories – At the end of each case, you’ll tackle tasks related to A Mother’s Love. It’s a multi-stage quest where Sherlock attempts to learn more about his mother’s death and his own childhood.

In any case, let’s go ahead and talk about your first real challenge: the Ghosts of the Past investigation.

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Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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