1997 shooter Chasm: The Rift will release on Steam this fall

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Even if you grew up experiencing the wave of first-person shooters that came out during the 1990s, there’s a good chance that you never touched Chasm: The Rift. This Quake-inspired shooter from developer Action Forms earned a fairly middling reception upon its release in 1997. Although the game has its fans, you won’t hear many people talking about it today. Not exactly the most impactful of legacies, but players still deserve the opportunity to experience obscure games like this. Fortunately, Action Forms has partnered up with developer General Arcade and publisher SNEG to release Chasm: The Rift on Steam come October.

According to the Steam pageChasm: The Rift has players gunning down hordes of unsightly creatures “following the destruction of Time.” These creatures go by the name Timestrikers, and the Time channels that spawned within the Earth’s atmosphere have caused them to appear en masse. Players assume the role of a member of “a special commando unit” who must eliminate these time channels and prevent the Timestrikers from killing all life on the planet.


What can you do in Chasm: The Rift? You know, other than shoot a lot of things

Some of the advertised gameplay features on the Steam page include the ability to shoot off enemies’ limbs, which changes their method of attack. Additionally, the Steam page advertises a whole host of distinct environmental effects, which include rain, wind, and snow, among others. Players can take down enemies with an assortment of weapons that include the “unique Blade gun,” which they can probably also use in the game’s level editor.

Fans of 1990s shooters who missed out on Chasm: The Rift should check out this Steam release once it comes out. It may not have set the world on fire, but there remains a decent chance that some players will come away from it pleasantly surprised.

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