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Should you choose Wishful Ignorance or Hazardous Propulsion in Destiny 2 The Final Shape?

Blades or rockets, your choice.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape has plenty of spicy Exotics, and the Titan armor is among the best. With this in mind, let me answer the question: Should you choose Wishful Ignorance or Hazardous Propulsion in Destiny 2 The Final Shape?

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What is the best Titan Exotic armor in Destiny 2 The Final Shape?

There are two Titan Exotic armor pieces up for grabs from The Final Shape, and you can pick what you want if you beat the campaign on Legendary. My friend made this mistake so I need to warn you: you don’t get both. You have to choose one. You can also get them from Master Rahool when you reset his rank at level 16.

Titans are eating well in the Final Shape, as both Exotic options are strong enough to build around. If you just want a quick answer, go with the Wishful Ignorance. Strand Titans have been a force to be reckoned with since Lightfall dropped, and Wishful Ignorance is a perfect addition to the play style.

Both Exotics are fantastic, so let’s weigh their pros and cons.

Should I use the Wishful Ignorance Titan Exotic in Destiny 2?

Should you choose Wishful Ignorance or Hazardous Propulsion in Destiny 2 The Final Shape?
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The Wishful Ignorance gauntlets are a Strand Titan’s best friend and come with the following perk:

Wish-Dragon’s Talons

  • Gain an additional Frenzied Blade charge. Frenzied Blade and Flechette Storm briefly increase their damage with each strike. Banner of War healing pulses restore melee energy based on the number of allies healed.

Frenzied Blade is a superb powered melee for the Titan, so having an additional charge means the ability is live more often. Plenty of Fragments synergize with powered melees, and the Wishful Ignorance offers a great way to activate them.

The boosted damage on consecutive hits is another excellent bonus, as Frenzied Blade hits are dangerous already. Finally, the melee energy restoration means we can lean into this playstyle even harder, cementing the Strand Titan as a close-range monster.

If you enjoy using Banner of War, few Exotic armor pieces enable it quite like the Wishful Ignorance.

Should I use the Hazardous Propulsion Titan Exotic in Destiny 2?

Should you choose Wishful Ignorance or Hazardous Propulsion in Destiny 2 The Final Shape?
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I’ve given the Wishful Ignorance a glowing endorsement, but the Hazardous Propulsion is even better in certain situations. Here’s it’s Exotic Perk:

Danger Close

  • Weapon precision hits, or final blows have a chance to load a Kinetic Exodus rocket. Activating your class ability launches all loaded rockets. Damaging targets with Exodus rockets temporarily increases the damage you deal with all other rockets.

You can load up to six Exodus rockets at a time with the Hazardous Propulsion, and the damage is pretty respectable. The rockets launch whenever you deploy a Barricade, and they track targets to deal maximum damage.

The Exodus rockets are great, but the secondary ability is so strong you can tailor damage phases around it. The damage boost for all other rocket launchers is roughly 30%, which is huge. If you’re rocking a high-powered launcher like the Apex Predator or Gjallarhorn, the Hazardous Propulsion is an effortless way to get free damage.

Which Final Shape Titan Exotic is the best?

I think the Wishful Ignorance is the best, but it’s close. The Strand subclass is powerful and easy to use, and the Wishful Ignorance makes it even better.

That said, the rocket damage buff from the Hazardous Propulsion can’t be ignored. As you’re forced to use rocket launchers to get the full value of the latter, I prefer the Wishful Ignorance, but I don’t think there’s a wrong answer.

Another easy avenue to more damage is via the Hunter’s Journal Artifact. Make sure to check it out, as the game stops prompting you shortly after the first explanation.

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