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Well after obtaining the Administator’s Key to reach the mines, Elster will end up in an area called Nowhere. This is a charnel pit filled with bloody guts and eerie scenes. There’s also an important puzzle that you’ll stumble upon soon enough. Here’s our Signalis Nowhere Six Plates Door puzzle guide to help you unlock the mechanism with the required items.

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Signalis: Nowhere Six Plates Door puzzle guide

The Six Plates Door puzzle in Signalis‘ Nowhere zone is well past several rooms and corridors that are crawling with enemies. A unique problem you’ll face here is that this area has no map at all, and Elster may sometimes exit a room from one direction, only to appear in an entirely different one. As such, the instructions I’ll provide will primarily focus on the key objectives.

You can refer to the pages below for the parts that you need help with. Likewise, this guide assumes that you’ve already read our symbol codes guide.

Note: Once you’ve collected all the required items for the Six Plates Door puzzle in Signalis, place them all in the mechanism. This includes the Plate of Eternity found earlier in the game. This will lead you to another area and the next chapter.

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